Cheap domains and webspace with Whois Protection

Sometimes you need new domains for different projects. If you still need a reliable Whois protection, however, we come very quickly to the limits of machenbaren in Germany or existing. Does it bothers me? Nope! – Then I see myself simply foreign to what is offered there. And since you will quickly find it. – But here it is important to compare! Not everything that glitters is gold … actually

Provided, however, that you have a credit card handy. Otherwise, it will really hakelig …

I’ll start with the domain and the Whois protection. Here I have found in NameCheap a very reliable and domain whois protection provider. The prices for the domains are really reasonable. And for the whois protection you do not pay the world. What I like so much at Namecheap is really great support if something does not work right away, or (as in my case) you have made a mistake when ordering.

Here Namecheap was so accommodating and made the entire order reversed. But that was only because I had complained about the mistake from me within 72 hours from Namecheap this has governed unique gesture of goodwill. – Otherwise, I would have been stupid standing there. Really a fine train! Since some German providers could take a leaf on it …

When hosting and internet provider I use for certain projects that require foreign server always like Hostgator. The prices are really reasonable, when you see the performance offered for it. In addition, the servers are very fast and are automatically protected with backups. So what can one make it easier to Onliner-life a lot easier!

Even with Hostgator is the Support class! All questions I had for webspace setup and administration were answered me immediately of really knowledgeable service staff. The English here as in the entire ordering process language skills of clear benefit is should be mentioned for the sake of completeness. Tip: You can get the webspace of Hostgator often cheaper than it says on their website! You have to pay only once “Hostgator Coupon” on Google and then enter (important!) And show the time in the last month. – Then you can also be sure that you have current and valid coupon codes that a concessionary price yet clear.

If the domain has whois protection and web space, you just found at Namecheap the name server data from Hostgator from the control panel and then (perhaps with a slight delay due to the DNS server update) a high-performance system of domain including privacy protection and fast webspace. The more one does not really need!

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