Whois-API.com – API with many functions

To determine the location of an IP address, I already knew the way over the GeoIP DB. However, this is not completely free of charge and is therefore not applicable to each smaller project in question. If you still do not want to give up the pleasure you should get more information about an IP address once
www.whois-api.com closer look. 

Not without reason have heard this service now to my favorite services on the Internet. This service provides simple and straightforward, while even free information such as: country, state, city, ISP and more about an IP address. These data are practical manner passed in an XML format. 

However Whois-api.com can do more next zip codes, codes, credit cards and account numbers exam also includes another function to verify the e-mail addresses for validity. How Does exactly what I’m still not come behind you. However, this latter function is to be treated with caution. In my attempt a valid email address came back as invalid. 

A large chopping the whole thing but then. The service is free of charge to my knowledge. Therefore whois-api.com is often slow at peak times and thus a query can ever be delayed for several seconds.

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